What Men Want

what men want

I asked 8 men (all 40+) what they want for Valentine’s Day and how they wish to celebrate it and the answers may surprise you….

I would like to be being awoken “pleasantly.” To celebrate I want to do something with just my wife. It doesn’t have to be romantic, just a day together. ~ married 8 years.

I want a good steak and a nice relaxing night!!! – dating two years

I want a nice home cooked meal and to stay at home but we will probably go out to dinner. ~ married 26 years

I want to cook a special dinner for my wife and have a quiet night together to chat and just be. I’m thinking of making her a salmon with mango salsa, couscous and asparagus. Small strawberry cheesecake for dessert and a Cali Pinot Noir. We normally don’t go out or exchange gifts – just dedicate the time to being together. –  married (common law) 6 years

I often felt that Valentine’s Day was a fabricated holiday. I will buy boxes of See’s candies and movie tickets for my ex-wife and daughter. My ex and I are good friends, she is great. ~ previously married 21 years, not currently dating. 
I would like a nice quiet night with dinner at home and a movie. ~ married 27 years

I would like for my girlfriend to take me shopping for a new wardrobe, actually help me pick out the clothes which is something I am not particularly good at. I ‘d also love to have dinner at a nice restaurant. ~ dating 4 months

I want a romantic evening. To celebrate, I want good food that lasts and that does not make you so full that you do not feel like sex afterwards. I want a meal that paces itself…small bits of food with wine. A walk after we eat, working our way up to the bedroom, or anywhere in the house. I want to get up there early enough so that we can spend a lot of time. ~ married 26 years

What women think men want?


What I am hearing though is much more than that.

Perhaps we need to listen….


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Author: Dr. Elise Cohen Ho
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